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The Skull Of a Thousand Faces

Hollywood Forever, Los Angeles May 2015

Death Flies

The death that flies
That forms a grid
That inflates
That illuminate
The death that accompanies us always that rises above us
That hovers and becomes part of our outlines

Just like the Kongming lanterns
that float
Beside the embroidery and the garments keeping them company the wings with handcrafted copper feathers
delicately open to honor and uphold the textiles
To honor
The hands that spent hours drawing lines
faces, patterns of silk
Skulls that are illuminated by imprinted flowers that surrounds the halls and sage
Flowers that are offered as a tribute
to the epiphany of life, of art, of products made by hand
of the warp and weft of life that couldn't have a better metaphor
than the textile and the paper balloon that are now alight and breathing.
In a celebration that honors the possibility of embroidering everything
art, craftsmanship, installation, design and migration in all their meanings.

Betsabeé Romero
Los Angeles, April 2015

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MOCA Museum Director Philippe Vergne and Curator of After & Again Sylvia Chivaratanond.


Anna Rosa Thomae & Georg Rejoug.


Co-Founders of After & Again, Diana Atri and Joy Huerta, Artist Betsabeé Romero and Curator Sylvia Chivaratanond.


Artist Gisela Colón, Musician David Philp and Art Critic Hunter Drohojowska-Philp

The Edition


Skull of a Thousand Faces, by Betsabeé Romero, is a box that contains a Pima cotton garment embroidered with silk thread, copper wing sculpture by master craftsman Ernesto Bonilla, and a hand printed photograph of Betsabeé Romero taken by Clairette Atri. This limited edition consists of 200 pieces signed and numbered by the author from 1/200 to 200/200; there are no artist’s proofs (a/p). The edition and the authenticity of the garment and box are certified as an object with multiple originals. Taller de comunicación gráfica designed the box in Mexico City in 2015 to have symbolic and commemorative value.

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